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Drilling technology

        The company pursues technological innovations at all times to improve the quality and increase the speed of drilling and completion and has created a systematic portfolio of drilling and completion technologies, enabling the company to drill and complete wells within 7000m depth and offer associated technical services. The company owns technologies of domestically leading level in the areas of shale gas well, tight oil/gas wells, salt-gypsum layer drilling and completion, coalbed methane drilling, high-pressure bittern well drilling, geothermal well drilling, etc. and specialized technologies in horizontal well drilling, slim hole drilling, underbalanced drilling, cluster well, multi-lateral well, oil-based drilling fluid, etc.


Salt-gypsum layer drilling technology

         The company employs combined drilling technology, saltwater drilling fluid system, saltwater cement slurry system, reservoir protection technology and sophisticated anti-salt-sticking pre-control technology to overcome the difficulties of salt-gypsum layer development, large layer thickness,  long well interval and simple wellbore structure, among which the salt-gypsum layer drilling technology is a domestically leading technology.

PDC + screw combined drilling technology

        Match PDC drill bit with screw efficiently based on formation characteristics and drilling design requirements, master various combined drilling technologies and procedures and apply the same extensively in various operation areas.

Underbalanced drilling technology

        Application of air drilling, foam drilling, and mist drilling technologies for significant improvement  in rate of penetration (ROP), advanced leading level in the conversion from air drilling to fluid drilling.

Rotary steerable drilling technology

        Optimization of wellbore trajectory design and application of geologic steering and rotary steering technologies have effectively overcome the difficulties  of high frictional resistance, low ROP and large number of trips during the drilling of horizontal section, significantly improved the drilling efficiency of horizontal wells and shortened the drilling duration.
Underbalanced drilling technology
        Controlled pressure drilling technology has solved the issue of  narrow safe pressure window of formation prone to lost circulation and well kick and significantly improved the ROP.