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Three Key Factors in Personnel Management: Morality, Capability, and Competitiveness

             Morality is the foundation in selecting talents and should be the priority for human resources. Morality should be placed first above anything else. The company should uphold the direction of "self-cultivation with morals, being exemplary with morals, leading and training talent with morals and competence combined with morals". This is to urge each employee to set good moral values, to build strong social and professional ethics, personal integrity, and family values so as to promote the healthy development of the enterprise.
            The company should employ people with the required skills and qualifications in the industry they engage in. The company should adhere to the employment criteria of determining the post value by ability and quality and employing people in suitable positions so they can make full use of their skills. At the same time, the company should be committed to establishing a talent mechanism for future development, and should develop scientific and rational methods for position competence. It should make full use of potential and reserve talent for enterprise's long-term development.
            Competition is an effective means of cultivating, training, and creating talent. Establishing a good talent motivation and competition mechanism is an important part of business operations. The jobs should be taken up through competition by adhering to the principles of the incentive mechanism based on the openness, equality, competitiveness, and prioritizing employment. This means promoting or demoting, and hiring the best so that excellent staff members can stand out.