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BEIKEN has established long-term cooperation relations with domestic oil professional institutes such as China Petroleum University, Southwest Petroleum University, Yangtze University and Exploration and Development Research Institute of PetroChina etc. Cooperating with the Petroleum Engineering Institute of Yangtze University, BEIKEN started an engineering postgraduate class in December of 2010, which trained a number of highly qualified scientific and technological talents for the company.

   BEIKEN successively undertook 4 projects of scientific research in Karamay city, among which there is 1 major S&T Project. Thereby the company was awarded a second prize of progress in municipal scientific-technological achievements with The Research and Application of acid soluble weighted system and matching techniques. In 2010, BEIKEN obtained utility model patent of Fully Hydraulic Control Liner Hanger, patent No. ZL201020153886.0. In June of 2011, the company was rated as the first group of pilot enterprises with intellectual property in Karamay, and became innovation-oriented enterprise of science and technology of Karamay in July that year.

   In accordance with the ideas that “standing in the forefront of the industry, combining with production reality, solving practical problems”, BEIKEN carried out the breakthrough of science and technology and ensured certain investment on them. In particular, the technologies and products represented by the drilling technology of opposing horizontal well, parallel horizontal well, radial horizontal well, and the technology of pseudo oil-base drilling fluid, underbalanced drilling, as well as fully hydraulic control liner hanger and weighting agent of reservoir protection show a great advantage in oilfield technical service market.