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Cementing technology


High-temperature high-pressure well cementing technology

        The issues of difficulty in anti-channeling, long open hole section and high risk of lost circulation in high-temperature high-pressure wells have been solved effectively through the use of non-permeable cement slurry system combining two-stage cementing technology, liner cementing and tie-back technologies.

Multi-stage cementing technology

        Annulus cement may be divided into two or three sections through multi-stage cementing, the cementing difficulties, such as proneness to lost circulation in long cementing interval and the safety of injecting cement slurry in large amount, have been solved through multi-stage cementing.

Cementing technology in environment with oil-based drilling fluid

        Flushing fluid suitable for environment containing oil-based drilling fluid has been developed to effectively change thewettabilityof various surfaces in the wellbore and overcome the difficulty in flushing oil-based drilling fluid.

Pre-stress cementing technology for high-temperature heavy oil thermal recovery wells

        The application of pre-stress cementing technology effectively prevents the occurrence of micro-clearance between the casing and cement sheath and improves the cementing quality of high-temperature heavy oil thermal recovery wells.

Anti-gas-channeling cementing technology

        Latex cement slurry system is used as it can effectively prevent the gas from invading the cement slurry because the hydrated film created by latex can inhibit the permeability.

Low-density cement slurry cementing technology

        Cement slurry system of1.30-1.65g/cm3density has been developed and underbalanced pressure cementing technology has been employed to effectively overcome thetechnical difficulties in cementing low-pressure wells prone to lost circulation.

MTCcementing technology

        Convert mud to cementing fluid by adding setting-adjusting agent and dispersant and improve the miscibility between cementing fluid and mud to mitigate the serious impact on cementing quality when displacement efficiency is not high.