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Mud technology

Special well drilling fluid technology

        This technology can effectively overcome the difficulties of  wellbore wall stability, wellbore cleaning, lubrication and anti-sticking, high temperature and high pressure during the operation in special wells.

Leakage prevention and plugging drilling fluid technology 

        Supportive leakage prevention and plugging technologies have been developed to solve the issue of lost circulation in wells of different types based on the unique plugging performance of different plugging materials and the geologic characteristics of the operation area.


Oil-based drilling fluid technology

        Due to its outstanding performance in emulsion stability, lubricating, inhibiting, resisting salt and carrying cuttings, oil-based drilling fluid is used to deal with shale gas wells, extremely difficult horizontal wells and complicated formations that are difficult to treat with water-based drilling fluid. Its controllable density may reach 2.5 g/cm3  and it can resist 160℃ temperature

High-performance water-based drilling fluid technology

        High-performance inhibitor is used to solve the complicated issues of wellbore wall instability, obstruction and sticking during the drilling of well section in shale as it is able to adsorb onto multiple points in clay layer, compress the spacing between hydrated layers of the lacy to a stable value and stabilize the shale by dehydrating the clay. It  is more environmentally friendly than oil-based drilling fluid and its inhibiting and lubricating performance  is equivalent or approximate to that of oil-based drilling fluid.

Silicate drilling fluid technology
        As silicate treating agent has good performance in inhibiting clay minerals and forming films, it is used to solve the issue of wellbore wall instability of complicated, highly water-sensitive formation prone to collapse.

High-density saturated saltwater drilling fluid technology
        With its high degree of mineralization, this system is used to solve the complicated issues of  wellbore wall instability due to salt dissolving in salt-gypsum layer; wellbore shrinkage due to shale hydration;  wellbore collapse and drill string sticking caused by high in-situ stress. The system can resist temperatures up to 200℃ and its controllable density is 2.0~2.3g/cm3.


Micro-foam drilling fluid technology
        As air foams can form a stable dispersing system when dispersed in liquid and thus reduce static fluid column pressure , this drilling fluid is used to solve the operation issues of drilling reservoirs with low formation pressure and formations prone to lost circulation. The controllable density of micro-foam drilling fluid system is  0.75—0.95 g/cm3.

Solid-free organic salt drilling fluid technology
        As high-molecular polymer solution can form films and plug the leakage, this type of drilling fluid is used to mitigate reservoir damage caused by water locking effect and protect oil/gas reservoirs.