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ADDRESS:Karamay City Baijiantan portal Road No. 91

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Xinjiang Beiken Energy Engineering Co., Ltd located in Karamay City of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and is a large integrated enterprise engaged in the exploration, development and engineering & technical services in the fields of oil & gas,  bittern, geothermal source, etc.



The company Main business:
        Engineering & technical services                              Petrochemical products
        Drilling engineering                                                   Petroleum machinery manufacturing
        Directional well technical services                             International trade
        Mud technical services
        Cementing engineering
        Downhole operations
        Well testing and production testing

    As of now the company has more than 1000 employees, among which more than 700 are engineers and specialized technicians; owns more than 20 sets of various ZJ20-ZJ70 drill rigs; owns more than 1000 pieces of various equipment, instrument and software; has an annual drilling and exploration capacity  of more than 0.6 million meters’ footage.


    The company is a member of International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)  holding the foreign project contracting qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
    Through continuous development, the company is able to drill wells of various types and categories within 7000m depth and offer directional and horizontal well services to the clients; has proven cement slurry systems and cementing technologies to deal with various complicated downhole conditions; is able to offer technical services in relation to underbalanced drilling, die-mark-free casing and tubing running, air tightness testing, etc.; is able to perform the testing of drilling and well control equipment (local testing center certified by CNPC), manufacture petroleum machinery  and provide  equipment maintenance/repair services; and has the capacity to manufacture a wide spectrum of oilfield chemicals.