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Drilling Equipment

        The company owns 20 drill rigs of 8 specifications, namely, ZJ20CZ , ZJ20,  ZJ30CZ, ZJ30 , ZJ40CZ ,  ZJ40D, ZJ50B  and ZJ70D.

Cementing Equipment

        The company owns more than 30 specialized cementing equipment of GJC100-30 type, GJC70-30type, GJC45-21type, GJCSJS45-21type, GJC40-17type,  etc., a number of fully automatic cementing dry-mixing devices and has the capacity to undertake cementing of various well types.

Directional well equipment

        Currently the company owns various directional well instruments and devices: including high temperature and high pressure resistant MWD and LWD tools of American companies APS and COMPASS; measuring instruments of 1200, 650, 350 and other series; RMRS measuring tools used specially for opposing communicated wells,  magnetically guided measuring instrument and non-magnetic gyro used in parallel horizontal wells; and specialized directional well design software  Landmark5000.

Machinery manufacturing and repairing equipment

        Fixed drill pipe magnetic flux leakage detection system; digital ultrasonic flaw detector, well control equipment intelligent pressure test device, C522E2010-20 double-column vertical lathe, 2 five-axis NC machining centers (CHXK60); XDYQ-4.0 type plasma cutter, etc.

Downhole equipment

The company owns 12 workover rigs of 120T, 80T, 60T, 40T and other series; 8 units of Willimas 7100 rotary BOPs and fine pressure control drilling equipment;  5 QF140 type air tightness testers and 3 sets of MZQ245/100 type and NXQ140/25Y type non-die-mark power tongs and NY12 .

Scientific research facilities

        The company owns more than 100 units of first-class fluid lab, laser particle size analyzer, high-temperature and high-pressure rheometer, quality-control surface tension meter, high-temperature and high-pressure thickening meter, high-temperature and high-pressure filter press and static gel strength/ultrasonic compressive strength analyzer. The company has the capacity to test and analyze the properties of drilling and completion fluids; research, develop and evaluate the additives of drilling and completion fluids; test and analyze the conventional properties of cement slurry; research, develop and evaluate the cement slurry system and test the quality of oil well cement and additives.